Themed Walking Tours Coming This Summer

The Museum at the Bighorns will be leading downtown walking tours on two themes this summer: the Red-Light District and Sheridan Disasters. There will be one tour every other Saturday through the end of August.

The first tour will be on June 5th, and cover some of the fires and floods in Sheridan’s history. “Sheridan has been fortunate in its history to have not suffered a catastrophic multi block fire, but there have been some significant fires and floods,” said Jessica Knight, Collections Manager. “On the tour you’ll not only learn about some of these, but you get to see where they happened.”

The Red-Light District walking tour will cover the history of houses of ill repute in Sheridan. “The brothels moved around Sheridan as the town grew and evolved,” said Mikayla Larrow, Executive Director. “The tour visits numerous locations associate with the district throughout its history.”

The museum has thought about doing walking tours for a few years, but the pandemic delayed the implementation to this year. The cemetery tours put on annually by the museum take people to the graves of people who made the history of Sheridan. The walking tours take people to the places the history of Sheridan happened.

“The walking tours give us a great opportunity to help people put history in perspective,” said Jessica Knight. “It’s easy to think about history not being present in our day to day lives, but a lot of historic places in Sheridan’s history still exist. You see history everyday here.”

Each tour is $10, and limited to only twelve people per tour. Tickets must be purchased in advance. The museum does not recommend people under the age of 16 attend the Red-Light District tour due to the material being shared..

To see a full lists of dates and purchase tickets visit our Upcoming Events page!

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