Museum at the Bighorns Announces Summer Market

This summer the Museum at the Bighorns will host Market at the Museum on the first Saturday of the month, June through September from 9AMto 1PM. The Market at the Museum will be on the museum’s porch allowing for a family friendly and open air event that locals and tourist can enjoy. The market has been in the works since the end of 2019, but could not launch last summer due to COVID-19.

“We’ve always known that our porch would be great for an event like this,” said Mikayla Larrow, Executive Director, when asked how she came up with idea for the market. “There are so many people who make wonderful items that don’t have many places to sell them. The museum is looking to provide a venue for local artisans and crafters this summer.”

The Museum at the Bighorns hopes to become known as a place where the community can gather for events like this. “To best support these artists and crafters the museum will be promoting the event extensively,” says Larrow. “We’re planning to use our location to everyone’s advantage. That means we’ll have a banner on our porch, community flyers, radio ads, and more.”

Jessica Knight, Collections Manager said, “The museum is an ideal place to hold a market like this, especially with our large parking lot. Sheridan’s craftspeople and artisans have always been an important part of Sheridan’s culture. We are excited to host an event that proves that is still the case today.”

Since the event in on the museum’s porch vendor spots are limited. Interest individuals can learn more about the event by calling the museum or visiting their website:

learn more about the SHERIDAN areA

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