October 2, 1889: Cam and Annie May Get Hitched

On October 2, 1889, Mr. Cameron W. Garbutt married Miss Annie May Loucks at the home of her parents in Sheridan, Wyoming. Reverend Joseph Long married them “according to the rites and ceremonies of the Methodist Episcopal Church.[1]”The two witnesses on the marriage license were George Griffen and Charley Becker. Cameron was 34 years old and Annie May was 17 years old at the time of their nuptials. Their age gap was wider than the average couple at the time, but not unheard of especially in the late 1800s. The wedding announcement that appeared in the The Sheridan Post on October 3rd described both bride and groom as popular and accomplished with many friends.

Annie May Loucks, age 16. Loucks-Garbutt Collection. 2006.030.001

Annie May’s parents were John and Anna Loucks. Mr. Loucks is considered to be the founder of Sheridan, having drawn up the initial town plans on brown wrapping paper while sitting on what would become courthouse hill. He named the town after his Civil War commanding officer, General Phillip Sheridan. Annie May was born in Iowa on November 20, 1871. Her father moved further west while she was young, and eventually sent for the rest of his family. Annie May attended finishing school in Iowa. Within a year after returning to Sheridan, she married Cameron Garbutt. Annie May led an active social life in Sheridan, even organizing the formation of the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and serving as the first Regent. She was also a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, an organization primarily made up of female relatives of Masons.

Cameron Willis Garbutt. Loucks Ryan Collection. 2003.093.014

Cameron Garbutt was born on July 12, 1855 in Greece, New York to Volney and Lucy Garbutt. His ancestor, Josiah Garbutt, founded the town of Garbutt, New York, which is only a few miles from Greece. While his motivations for moving west are unknown, move west he did. By 1880 he was working as the Postmaster of LaPorte, Colorado. He and two friends, George Griffen and William Roberts, came to Wyoming Territory in 1884 on a cattle drive. They wintered in a cabin near Sheridan, and Cameron moved into town the next year. He became active in Sheridan life and by 1886 he was a Junior Warden, and charter member, of the Sheridan Masonic Lodge. His political aspirations also came to the surface early. He was active in the Republican Party and ran for Sheriff in 1889 and Clerk of District Court in 1890. He lost both elections.

The year he married Annie May he became the proprietor (manager)of the Windsor Hotel, located at the corner of Main and Works Streets. Around June of 1891 he opened C.W. Garbutt Groceries. Throughout his life he held several other positions, including Superintendent of Forest Reserves for Wyoming and Dakota from 1898 to 1903. He became postmaster in Sheridan from 1907-1915, and most notably was postmaster during the construction of the new post office and federal court building.

C.W. Garbutt Groceries. Loucks Ryan Collection. 2003.093.049

Cameron and Annie May had 5 children. Their eldest daughter, Hazel, was born in December of 1890. She was followed by four sons: Earl, John, Phillip, and Cameron. The family lived in a home at the corner of Works and Brundage Streets right across the street from the Elks Lodge, where First Federal Bank is today. Hazel died suddenly of unknown causes on September 10, 1900 at the age of nine. Their son John, died in 1919 after an airplane accident while serving as a pilot instructor in the Army.

The Garbutt Family. Loucks Ryan Collection. 2003.093.020

Cameron, the elder, passed away on May 11, 1929 of pneumonia. Annie May lived six more years before dying of uterine cancer in 1935. They are buried next to each other with matching headstones in the Masonic Section of Sheridan Municipal Cemetery with their children Hazel and John.

[1]Territory of Wyoming Certificate of Marriage, October 2nd 1889.

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