The Tidbit Activity Series will continue this spring with new programs. Tidbit has been an active program at the museum since the early 2000s. At over a decade old, more than 20,000 students have explored local history and culture through this series.

“The Tidbit Activity Series aims to be educational and fun,” said Jessica Salzman, Collections Manager. “This spring we are excited to partner with our community to bring new topics and great activities to the kids.”

Tidbit will take place on the following Saturdays at 10 AM, each with a different theme:

March 19th- Pelts with the Game and Fish Department. Come see pelts and antlers up close. This is a great way to discover and ask about Wyoming animals and learn more about what the Game and Fish Department does!

April 16th- Old Time Crafts. Learn about traditional crafts like quilting, needlework, felting, woodworking, and more. These crafts are still alive and well today. Children will get to explore traditional patterns and designs from the past or create their own during the craft.

May 21st- Planting. Rooted in Wyoming will teach the children all about companion planting, i.e. what plants grow well together. During the activity, each child will experience planting their very own young plant and will get to take it home.

Tidbit will be indoors for March and April. Weather permitting, May’s Tidbit will be on the museum’s porch. Advanced Registration is encouraged because space is limited to 40 children for each activity.

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