The Museum at the Bighorns is excited to announce a new interactive display coming to the museum! This past winter museum staff rotated items on display in the permanent archelogy exhibit. With the support of the Sheridan College Foundation, the museum now has an arrow point display, and information on a bison jump just down the road near Lake DeSmet. “I’ve had visitors tell me that there is no archaeology around here, “said Jessica Knight, Collections Manager at the museum. “The addition of the displays we worked on with the Sheridan College Foundation show people that the Sheridan area has a prehistoric past.”

This week, 5/25, the museum is adding the final piece to the archaeology exhibit. Lisa Norman, an artist from Buffalo, is painting a life size mural of a Bison antiqus and of an American Bison on the wall of the gallery. Visitors will have a chance to see how they measure up to the Ice Age animal and it’s modern day cousin. While a modern American Bison is the largest North American mammal, the Bison antiqus was much larger. “The mural will help put these creatures in perspective for our visitors, especially those who had never seen a bison. They can see how large they are without approaching a living animal.” Said museum Executive Director, Mikayla Larrow. “The size of this ancient animal will also help put the human experience into modern terms as to why ancient weapons like the atlatl were used along with bison jumps.”

This project was made completely possible by the generous support of an anonymous donor.

The museum will be open as Lisa works on the mural this week, so don’t miss your chance to see this mural come together. Museum hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

Concept art created by Lisa Norman at time of bidding the project.

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