The Museum at the Bighorns will host a free flint knapping demonstration on the museum porch Saturday, July 2 from 2-4 PM. The main talk will begin at 2 PM, but visitors can come and go as they wish. The demonstration will be performed by Rick Laurent, who has been flint knapping for decades.

An uncle who collected arrowheads sparked his interest in them. As a kid, Laurent would hunt for arrowheads. “I’d find broken ones and want to make them whole. That’s why I went to college, so I could learn to make arrowheads,” he jokes.

Laurent, who went on to work for the US Forest Service for more than 25 years and retired as an archeologist, has a degree in anthropology from the University of Wyoming. It was while working with colleagues that he learned the skill. After long days in the field doing anthropology and archaeology work, the crews would gather around a fire to relax. A professor and some others who knew how to flint knap taught Laurent, and he has been honing his skills ever since. He loves the anthropology component and also the aesthetics of flint knapping.

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