Big tales from the bighorns

There are so many stories at the Museum At The Bighorns. Learn about Sheridan's archeological past, Native American tribes, the importance of the Bozemen Trail, rodeo and early settlement, and the influence of coal mining on the community of Sheridan.
museum at the bighorns

Rotating Exhibits

Discover new stories with our temporary exhibits that are rotated approximately three times a year.

Museum at the bighorns

Permanent Exhibits

Learn the history of Sheridan County through our collection of dioramas, artifacts and photography.

An Artist Goes to War

WWI Through the Eyes of George Ostrom
August 2 - December 17

The Wyoming Veterans Memorial Museum has loaned us some of George Ostrom's World War I era sketches and items. These unique pieces of veteran art give a unique insight into what Wyoming soldiers experienced during the war. Learn about his time in the army and his contribution to the bucking horse emblem of the state. This exhibit is sponsored by the Sheridan Inn.

Early Sheridan

Settlement & Economic Development
Permanent Exhibit

John Loucks plotted Sheridan on brown wrapping paper one evening in 1882.

Sheridan has grown and developed ever since. Take a walk down our memory lane through an early-Sheridan diorama and photographs.

Welcome to the Bighorn National Forest

Permanent Exhibit

Explore history of the Bighorn National Forest

The history of the forest starting in the Tie Flume era through the Civilian Conservation Corps projects in the 1940s.

Tribes and Trails

Permanent Exhibit

The Sheridan area was the home and hunting grounds of various nations.

See how the Bozeman Trail, Indian Wars, and Native American culture influenced this era in Wyoming history as cultures clashed.


Permanent Exhibit

Two works by Charles Russell.

Learn about the artist, and see a watercolor named Bronc Rider and a statue named Good Medicine. Each piece has a unique history of its own.


History and Prehistory in Sheridan County
Permanent Exhibit

Discover the human history and prehistory of the Sheridan area.

Before the horse was reintroduced to North America, life in our area was quite different. Learn about bison jumps, tools, arrowheads, and lodges before the horse and immigrant trails.

The Land

Permanent Exhibit

Agriculture in Sheridan County

Learn about Centennial Ranches, cattle breeds Sheridan is known for, the sugar beet industry, and more.

Black Diamonds

Coal in Sheridan County
Permanent Exhibit

The story of coal is one of importance within Wyoming’s history.

For Sheridan County these black diamonds held the developmental steam of the county. Discover the lives of the Wyomingites and immigrants who came to call Wyoming home as they labored to produce the life source of their communities.